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The Oil Refining Process

Learn about the complexities of the oil refining process.

The oil refining process is complex.

Oil and gas drilling is just one step in the process of extracting the raw materials from the ground and transforming them into the products we use on a regular basis. After the well drilling, which includes oil well completion, the materials extracted need to go through an extensive refining process. This process creates the gasoline and other products consumers rely on. Understanding this refining process can help individuals gain a firm grasp on how the oil and gas industry works and why it’s a lucrative investment option.

The Refining Process

In most cases, the oil and gas that is extracted from well drilling is sent to a refining plant where it is all heated into gas form. This gas is sent through a distillation chamber where it gradually cools into a liquid form. This distillation chamber is separated into various sectors, each of which results in the production of different petroleum-based products. Heavier results settle at the bottom, while lighter products continue to rise to the top. This makes separating the oil products a more simplified process.

Defining the Refining Process

To fully understand the refining process, there are certain definitions you should know. For instance, cracking is a commonly used method to break up the larger, heavier molecules that stay near the bottom of the distillation chamber into smaller molecules than can be used to produce more gasoline. Isomerization can also be used to rearrange molecules to create different products based on the requirements of each batch of crude oil.

Gasoline Is Highest in Demand

One of the primary reasons for oil and gas drilling is to stay on top of the growing need for gasoline around the world. While the typical barrel of crude oil produces only 30 to 40 percent gasoline, the worldwide demand requires at least 50 percent of each barrel is converted into this end product. For this reason, the refining process has created methods for creating more gasoline from other products. These processes change the molecular structure into usable gasoline instead of something else.

Oil and gas drilling is just one part of the process of creating the end products consumers use on a regular basis, such as diesel fuel and gasoline. While some people mistakenly believe oil and gas extracted from the well is ready to use, the truth is it must go through an extensive refining process before it becomes usable. This process involves changing it into gas form and cooling it into a liquid, as well as using a variety of other processes to create the products everyone uses.

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