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At Hill Country Exploration, we take pride in helping our investors make the most of their investments. We are a family-owned and operated oil and gas company that puts our own money into our wells. We know investing in oil and gas wells requires a high level of trust. Because we are dealing with our funds as well, you can rest assured we take great care in the wells we choose for our investments. Our interests are paralleled with those of our partners.


Why Invest in Oil and Gas? 

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Investing in oil and gas wells allows the potential to receive monthly cash flow. We like to refer to this as mailbox money. Every month oil and natural gas hydrocarbons are sold from a producing well, you would receive a check for that sale. While the nature of long term cash flow is the main reason to invest in oil and gas, many tax benefits help make oil and gas investing more attractive. Our projects offered through Douglas Scott Securities, Inc. are set up so they can be a tax deductible investment.

Under current law, an investor of a domestic oil and natural gas drilling project can write off a portion (intangible drilling costs) of their investment against their income, therefore reducing the amount of taxes one would pay that year. Paired with the initial write off, investors do not pay any taxes on 15% of their revenue from a producing oil and gas well due to the benefit of the oil depletion allowance. Certainly the tax benefits are excellent but the long term cash flow an oil and gas investment can provide is generational. Everybody’s tax situation is different and we always ask our investors to verify with their tax professionals regarding this aspect on an individual basis.


How Horizontal Drilling Works 

At Hill Country Exploration, we focus on horizontal as well as vertical drilling. While most people think of vertical wells when they hear about oil and gas drilling, horizontal wells are often more productive, allowing oil and gas companies to tap into resources that wouldn’t otherwise be accessed. Much of the natural gas in North America is trapped in shales. These rock formations don’t react well to the vertical drilling techniques once used. Instead, fracking and horizontal drilling tap into these resources and increase production rates with less disruption at the surface.


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Our oil and gas drilling projects are offered by Douglas Scott Securities.


DSS is our captive broker / dealer for investors in new projects. For more information, please call us at 972.235.8468                           


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