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We take great pride in our ability to seek out and secure the most lucrative oil and gas drilling opportunities in the industry to benefit our bottom line, as well as those of our partners. We have a long track record of success and the years of experience necessary to select the best oil and gas investments with the lowest risks and highest returns. From horizontal well drilling to oil well fracking, we identify and secure potentially profitable wells throughout the United States. Because we invest our own money in all of our projects, we take great care in choosing only those opportunities that offer the highest possible returns. Through our careful and thorough due diligence, along with our dedication to keeping open lines of communication, you can rest assured your best interests are taken to heart. If you take the time to do your due diligence, you will see the level of confidence you can have in our team. Please reach out to info@hillcountryexploration.com for any questions.

A Family-Owned and Operated Oil and Gas Company DSC00612

Since 1995, we have been a family-owned and operated company, which sets us apart from many of our competitors. In recent years, we have witnessed and taken part in various horizontal well completion projects, as well as numerous active drilling and fracking endeavors. You aren’t at risk of falling prey to another oil and gas company that is only interested in their own company growth. We understand our partners are interested in oil and gas investments for long term cash flow and tax deductions. We seek to provide them with the highest level of satisfaction.


We Understand the Investment Side 101424033

Unlike other companies that offer oil and gas investments, we put our own money into our oil and gas drilling programs. This means we are just as invested as you are, giving our partners peace of mind that we have your best interests at heart. We won’t take any unnecessary risks because our interests are always paralleled with our clients. That’s why our experts are constantly researching new oil and gas prospects and deciding which ones to purchase for the benefit of our company and our investors. Many oil and gas companies profit only from their investors. At Hill Country Exploration, we put our own money into the same oil and gas investments we recommend to our clients. This ensures we parallel our best interests with our partners and share in the same outcomes. You can rest assured your investments are in capable hands with the Hill Country team.