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Family Owned and Operated Oil and Gas Company Since 1995

Hill Country Exploration INC

Over the recent years we have seen natural gas fracking become a staple of the American economy, which means many investors are interested in oil investments. While oil and gas prices have fallen recently, costs of goods and services are also down across the board. This means we are able to drill wells for a lot less and take advantage of the returns when prices swing back upwards. At Hill Country Exploration, we are a family-owned and operated oil and natural gas exploration and production company. We strive to help investors understand direct participation in oil and gas investments. Over the past 20 years, we have drilled more than 150 oil and gas wells with a successful track record of acquisition, drilling and production of American oil and gas hydrocarbons. Our portfolio includes Oil and Natural Gas production in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico. At HCE, we have a solid reputation for reliability and integrity within the upstream oil and gas community and that’s what sets us apart.

We Are Investors Too

Unlike other companies that offer oil and gas investments, we put our own money into our oil and gas drilling programs. This means we are just as invested as you are, giving our partners peace of mind that we have your best interests at heart. We won’t take any unnecessary risks because our interests are always paralleled with our clients. That’s why our experts are constantly researching new oil and gas prospects and deciding which ones to purchase for the benefit of our company and our investors.

A Solid Reputation in a Volatile Market

The oil and gas market can provide stability through long term cash flow and tax benefits. The Hill Country team has the experience necessary to help you ride the highs and lows to your benefit. We take great pride in being a family-owned and operated oil and gas company that puts our investors first. We work hard to help you understand the nature of the industry and what investing in oil and gas can do for your long term goals.



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